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It’s been a while, I know.  Between giving birth, learning to become a mother and having our busiest year yet at Bella Vita Italia, the blog had to be put on the back burner for a while.  Three and a half months have passed since baby Pietro entered into our world and “piano, piano”, we have learned to become a family and how to balance (at least to an extent) business and parenthood.  Peetie has already taken part in the family business as well having made several business trips so far to Rome, the Val D’Orcia and Chianti (twice!)…a true professional!  Now that things seems to be under control (as much as they can be with a new born!), it’s time to start blogging again…

Poolside in the Val D'Orcia

Let’s restart with a place I love…the Val D’Orcia.  Many people who travel to Italy don’t know what this is or where it is.  Chianti has become such a household name, that the Val D’Orcia sits silently as its softer, calmer and arguably more beautiful “sister” zone of Tuscany.  Head south of Siena about 45 minutes and you are in the middle of astonishing rolling hills dotted with hilltop villages and some of the best wine Italy has to offer.    (FYI, this is where two Oscar winning movies, The English Patient and the breathtaking panoramic countryside scenes from the Gladiator, were filmed.)

Some of the best driving and sightseeing country is found here. You have the ever-charming villages of Pienza, world-famous for its town and cheeses, plus Montalcino & Montepulciano, home to Italy’s most important wine territories (Brunello anyone?!).  LET YOURSELVES GET LOST!  

Gorgeous Southern Tuscany Landscape

The area also happens to have many, many wonderful places to stay.  We have three in particular that are all unique in their own right and provide different travel experiences depending on your travel style:

The beautiful Villa Cicolina

Villa Cicolina – a gorgeous boutique 4-star hotel just on the edge of Montepulciano.  Each room is very and romantic, the gardens are lush and the pool area and view are breath-taking.  It also happens to be fairly reasonably priced for a 4-star hotel.  The is also a small restaurant (for guests only) with a fixed but different menu each night.

Entrance to Suite d’Artista

Suites d’Artista – located in the village of Montalcino, it is a lovely complex with 5 self-apartments, gardens and pool.  Hard to imagine so much space inside a tiny village but here you have it. Charming and comfortable!

The Main Building of Poggio Etrusco
the Main Building of Poggio Etrusco

Poggio Etrusco – The owner, Pamela, has been running this cute agriturismo for about 11 years and is also the writer of over 15 cookbooks, so cooking lessons here are a must!  There are 3 apartments and 1 bed & breakfast style room.  All include breakfast but you also have the option of cooking in if you like as each apartment has a well-equipped kitchen.

And these are just to start.  More, more, more to come…