Places We Love: Lecce, Puglia (a quick one here!)


Often referred to as the “Florence of the South”, Lecce is the main city on Puglia’s Salento Peninsula (the heel of Italy to be exact!) and an absolute gem to discover. It is a mecca of elaborate and ornate architecture knowns as “barocco leccese” and jam-packed with gorgeous Baroque monuments. Lecce’s “centor storico” is quite small so quite easy to explore on foot.

Some of the best sights to see include:
* Piazza del Duomo – a lovely square of “barocco leccese” with its crown jewel, the Cathedral Madonna Assunta
* Via Vittorio Emanuale – Lecce’s main street lined with nice shops, restaurants and cafes
* The Roman Amphitheater – this partially excavated “ampiteatro” dates back to the 2nd century and is located smack in the middle of modern and baroque Lecce
* Santa Chiara Church – famous for its ceiling with paper mache’ decorations
* Basilica of Santa Croce – if not for its lovely interior, at least pass by to enjoy its remarkable facade

Best time to visit Lecce, in our opinion, is April-June and September/October (summer can get sweltering so head to the coast instead!).