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Unique Italian travel experiences

At Bella Vita Italia, we create unique Italian travel experiences. Our specialized services include in-depth consultations with our clients about travel in Italy, creating 100% customized vacation itineraries, arranging exceptional accommodations, tours, transportation and other activities. In short, we specialize in making the most of your vacation time in Italy. How do we do this? Our excellent service is backed by our in-depth & “hands on” knowledge of this beautiful country we call home.

How Bella Vita Italia Began

Megan McCaffrey-Guerrera, founder of Bella Vita Italia, made her first visit to Italy with her parents at age 13. To put it mildly, she fell in love. Sitting in a bar in Saint Mark’s Square in Venice, she proclaimed that she would live there someday. A few decades and over a dozen trips to Italy later, Megan finally made good on her dream. She bought two one-way tickets to Italy (Her dog, Lucy, had to come too!).

Bella Vita Italia started as a “travel concierge” service. Megan initially helped friends, family and guests of the B&B she worked in organize their Italian vacations. It wasn’t long before Megan realized she had a knack for planning unforgettable, personalized, vacations. In her first year, she arranged 22 vacations and never looked back.

9 years later, Bella Vita Italia has expanded into the vacation villa rental business, special events, unique day trips and hosted food & wine tours, along with our tailor-made vacations to Italy, all while keeping one, simple focus in mind: creating the best possible Italian experience for our clients!

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