Plan a trip to Italy

At Bella Vita Italia, we know how to plan a trip to Italy. Our team has years of experience helping individuals, groups and families realize their Italian vacation dreams. Meet the team below!

Megan McCaffrey-Guerrera

Megan McCaffrey-Guerrera

Born and bred in Southern California, Megan attended the University of California at Los Angeles, spent 15 years in the event marketing & promotion business, all while having a secret love affair with Italy. The rest, they say, is history! Megan oversees the trip planning division, rentals sales and management, overall business development of the company and marketing. Additionally, she writes for such guidebooks as Fodor’s and DK Eyewitness and has recently received her “Travel Associate” certification from the prestigious Travel Institute. Off duty favorite activities include cooking up a storm to satisfy the household “black hole” (her husband Luigi), learning to be a good “mamma” to baby Pietro, yoga and Mediterranean swims.

Luigi Guerrera

Luigi is of Sicilian & Ligurian decent, as well as a native of Le Cinque Terre area. He assists in trip planning, managing BVI’s excursions offerings and getting through the Italian red-tape As only an Italian can! Favorite off duty activities include yoga, being a “guinea pig” to Megan’s cooking whims, learning to be an expert diaper changer, reading and the occasional marathon viewing of “The Simpsons”!

Kate Little-Paradiso

Certified sommelier with a masters degree in Italian Gastronomic Culture & Traditions, authorized tour guide/coordinator and Italian travel research whiz, Kate is assists with trip design, acts as travel host (and food and wine expert) for our escorted “eno-gastronomic” tours as well tour guide for the beautiful Italian Riviera. She has also recently received her certification as a “Travel Associate” from the prestigious Travel Institute. Favorite off duty activities include hiking with “Stinky” and “Sissy”, satisfying the appetites of her two “boys” with Ligurian specialties, being a rugby mom and creating some of the finest moonshine in Italy!

Sharon McCaffrey

Based out of Laguna Beach, California, Megan’s mom (aka “Sharona”) serves as office manager handling vendor relations, banking and overall office administration. She is a lover and expert of food & wine and can hold her own up against any Italian grandma in the kitchen.


In Loving Memory: LucyLu

Although we lost our Lulu this year at the ripe old age of 15, we can’t forgot the special role she had in the family business – playfully greeting guests in Megan & Luigi’s home, keeping Megan’s feet warm by laying on them while Megan works at the computer and, of course, taking care of the left-overs from cooking lessons!

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