Tours of Italy

Tours of Italy


Our goal is to create an invaluable travel experience in Italy via top-notch travel arrangements and customer service. Our specialized services include in-depth consultation to our clients and creating 100% customized itineraries with just the right accommodations, tours, transportation and other activities, thus making the most of your precious vacation time in Italy. Our excellent service is backed by our in-depth & “hands on” knowledge of this beautiful country we call home.


Bella Vita Italia has offices in both California and Italy.

Our base in Italy is extremely important for our business. We have a close working relationship with our providers and we learn immediately about what’s new and what great opportunities we can obtain for our clients. It also allows us to be available for our clients while they travel in Italy. We’re right here should they need to contact us urgently.

Our office in California allows clients to be assisted with any general or financial questions our clients may have before embarking on their Italian adventure.

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