True Vines

true vines

I have to start with the disclaimer that despite the fact that I consider Diana Baur one of my dearest friends here in Italy as well as a mentor/sister, this review is no way biased, really! If I had seen True Vines in a book store, I would have been drawn to its beautiful cover and warm, inviting feel (I’m kind into the “estetica”). In reading the back cover, I would have bought it immediately. Italy, wine, love and discovering who you are is an attractive combination. Diana has done a wonderful job at creating a heartfelt, hard to put down novel (I even finished a chapter at a red light).

It’s the story of middle aged woman, somehat lost, whom through the love of a charismatic Italian, begins to find herself. Yet is tragically interrupted by her husband’s sudden death. It is here that begins a story of finding, redefining and accepting, set in rural Pennsylvania, New York and above all, the rolling, vineyard covered hills of Piemonte, Italy. I don’t want to give too  much away as it’s best to discover the book’s beauty all on your own…It’s an easy read and even enchanting when describing the lifestyle and landscape of the Piemontese countryside. Like everything she does (have you seen her B&B or her gorgeous ceramics?), Diana has put 150% into this project and it shows in every page. Brava girlfriend!

True Vines can be bought in paperback at or as an eBook for Kindle.

Do yourself a favor, buy this treat of a story and cozy up to the fire with a glass of Barbera in hand. I promise you’ll thoroughly enjoy it!